#6 538 Yates Road, Kelowna | (250) 763 7978


Serving Kelowna Since 1983

We have been an established bakery in Kelowna since 1983, and have personally owned and operated the bakery from 1991 until present. A family owned business, our Glenmore location, Tripke Bakery Too!, is an extension of our downtown location, Tripke Bakery, which carries all of the same wonderful pastries, desserts, cakes, breads and buns. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the choice and quality we have to offer.


What Our Customers Say:

Couldn't have been any better. 2 cakes and 10 cupcakes were a huge hit. Will use you guys again!

Chad McEachern

I make it a "go to spot" when in Ktown!

Carlee Melenko

I love this place! The German baking is better than in "the old country" and the bread is delicious and without preservatives!

Frithjof Petscheleit