Throughout the ages, breads have always been a very important part of our existence. Breads were first made in the Middle East in an area known as the Fertile Crescent, a piece of land separating Iran and Iraq, around 8000 B.C. These first breads were very dense and chewy because they were not leavened, but around 5500 B.C. the leavening process was discovered and drastically changed the bread making process as it was known in those days. As time passed more types of grains were harvested and more varieties and variations of breads evolved. Many of the breads and buns have interesting unique stories as to their origins, and others have special significance in many different cultural celebrations the world over. When we see the detailed documentation of bread making throughout history we then realise the importance placed on breads.

For a time we forgot what bread was and what it provided us with. We mostly knew bread as being white, soft, and airy. Today however, bread is making a comeback. People are demanding more nutrition and food value from their breads, so to meet the demands we are starting to see more breads with seeds, nuts, and fruits added. At Tripke’s we have met the nutritional demand for years by providing you with heavily seeded rustic breads. Breads that contain no sugar, or shortenings, no milk products, and no preservatives. We also do our best to give you a wide variety of breads to chose from and at the same time providing you, our valued customer, with a consistent quality product day in and day out. Our breads are very important to us; our reputation is built around them, and this is why we enthusiastically agree that “BREAD IS THE STAFF OF LIFE”