Wedding Cakes

Mix your choice of flavours by having a different flavour for each layer, or chocolate cake instead of white cake, or both. There are lots of options for you to choose from.

Our 3 tier wedding cake stand will accommodate:


1 – 6″ cake Top Plate Servings approx.
8 – 10 pieces
1 – 8 ” or 10″ cake Middle Plate Servings approx.
8″: 12 – 16 pieces
10″:  16 – 20 pieces
1 – 10″ or 14″ cake Bottom Plate Servings approx.
10″:  16 – 20 pieces
14″:  22 – 30 piece

If additional servings are needed, choose any of our flavours, and a slab cake can be made to whatever size is required.


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For information on available flavours, refer to our “Torte” section

We ask that if flowers are being used on the cake, that you provide them, and they be dropped off one day in advance of the cake being picked up.

A help sheet is available.  It will ask you some details needed to finalize your decision, and will provide us with important information we will need when you decide to order.

Wedding Cake Questions to Answer
Please take the time to answer these following questions which will help us create the perfect cake for you.

  1. Number of servings needed?
  2. Is there a color scheme?
  3. What cake flavors are you looking for?  White cake, chocolate cake, or a combination of each?
  4. What kind of refrigeration does the venue have and are they okay with you using it if need be?
  5. Date and time to pick up cake
  6. Pre-pay or not (note: if it is prepaid, anyone can then pick the cake up from our bakery and you may not have to wait as long at the bakery for your order – we will prepare it so you can ‘grab and go’)
  7. Do you have any ideas about finishing on the outside of the cake? (ie: smooth, shaved chocolate, ribbons etc)

You may contact us if you have any more questions or if you would like to submit an order:

Call 250 7637978 to contact us

Occasion Cakes

Occasion cakes can be finished with icing designs or Edible Imagery

Edible Imagery is a process in which we can scan almost any picture, download Clip Art, or extract images from CD’s, and print them onto edible frosting sheets using food colouring.  These prints are then placed on the cake, the frosting melts into the icing, leaving the image on the cake. Use Edible Imagery for birthdays, stags, stagettes, anniversaries, company functions, company logos; almost anything that you want to celebrate with a photo or  personalize with a picture.  Note; your selected image needs to be the size (or larger) of desired finished image.  We are not able to enlarge your images, only downsize!