At Tripke’s, we strive to present a fresh quality product every day of the week. We also pride ourselves in that we have a large selection of flavours and styles of cakes available upon request.
Our cakes and cream goods are known throughout the Kelowna area as delicious, authentic versions of fine European style tortes, cakes, slices, cream pastries, etc. Made with real whip cream and liqueur flavours, scratch sponge cake layers, and authentic and creative pastry layers is what truly makes the difference at Tripke’s.

The two common sizes of tortes are the 8″ which is marked for 12 slices, and the 10″ which is marked for 16 slices. Special sizes; 6″
and 12″, as well as slab cakes are available by special order.

All torte flavours are also available in slab sizes:

1/4 slab 20 pieces 1/2 slab 40 pieces
1/3 slab 30 pieces 2/3 slab 60 pieces
3/4 slab 80 pieces full slab 100 pieces